Friday, October 5, 2007

Popeye Part III: Eugene The Jeep

Yet another character who's background story I don't know. As far as I know this guy's only job was to track down Swee'Pea when he wandered away. He could turn invisible, walk on the ceiling, walk through walls, and fly.

Rumor has it the military nicknamed their 4x4 truck 'Jeep' because the vehicle could go anywhere, just like the cartoon character.

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Steve Matta said...

The Jeep (aka Eugene) appeared in a print edition of the Popeye comics in 1936. In this version of the story, the Jeep is a gift from Olive's uncle Ben Oyle, an explorer who found the Jeep on the Isle of Jeep off the coast of Africa. The Jeep has magical powers, eats a strict diet of orchids, and "speaks" only the word, "jeep".

In a 1940 film episode of Popeye entitled, "Eugene, The Jeep", Popeye receives the Jeep from Olive via special delivery. Upon seeing the Jeep, Popeye mistakenly thinks the animal is a puppy. A note on the collar warns that he MUST sleep outside at night, and the rest of the episode is devoted to Popeye chasing the Jeep and attempting to barricade him outside for the night.