Saturday, April 12, 2008

BloodBowl Stuff

I play a game online called BloodBowl. ( I like to create "fluff" for my teams which is geek speak for things like logos, helmets, etc. that make the teams seem more "real". The images above are team sponsors I created for my Khemri team, made up of mummies and skeletons, called Cursing Mummies.

I didn't draw any of the images above. They're mainly just Photoshopped versions of existing logos and/or made from fonts I downloaded from the web. However, the Bloodweiser image is from Wacky Packages.

Those of a certain age may remember Wacky Packages as the collectible stickers that were parodies of real life products. They had many imitators but the one that came closest in popularity was probably Garbage Pail Kids.

If you want to relive your youth you can find Wacky Packages info at and Garbage Pail Kids info at

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